Iconic bay, epic scenery, and fun time.



Located right after Princeville on Kauai’s most desirable North Shore, comes the most picturesque town of Hanalei. This serene setting greatly represents the unique character of the island, expressed in its deeply respected surfing culture.

The world class crescent-shaped Hanalei Bay is best admired from a sail boat in the middle of the Bay, where a weather-changing canvas of stunning green mountains topped with shades of sun-colored clouds and mesmerizing waterfalls, sets the backdrop to a two-mile-long palm decorated beachfront. Captured by the Hanalei River to the east and Wai’oli River to the west, Hanalei is easily the largest bay on the Garden Isle of Kauai. In the winter months of the year the Hanalei River becomes a preferred venue for recreational paddling, kayaking and fishing, as the rough seas can be a challenge.

Hanalei Bay is truly the surfing jewel of the island. It features some of the most desirable spots: ‘Waikoko’, ‘Pine Trees’, ‘Waipa’, ‘Middles’, ‘Chiken Wings’ ‘The Bowls” and ‘Kittens’ gets the beginners.  Nearby are tropical forested hills of Lumahai Beach, the location of the movie ‘South Pacific’. Hanalei’s real estate collection varies from exquisite beach front vacation and residential homes to small bungalow size cottages, providing for unforgettable times.

Everything is in walking or short bike ride distance, a preferred way to get around by many residents and visitors. When it comes down to a healthy living, it is hard to image a better place to hang your hat on.



Hanalei community is welcoming and kind, creating a perfect place for locals and visitors to share the land and create wonderful memories. The diversity of people speaks for itself. Large percentage of its residents have relocated from the main land but quickly adapted to the island’s cultural lifestyle, and developed a strong sense of protecting its nature. The leisure Hanalei pace is often described in one sentence: Kauai have two speeds- slow and slower. The town itself comes alive in a waives, as the visitors come to shop and taste the local food, while Kama’ainas go about their working day, surf, hike and even hunt for pigs.

Spectators from the shore can enjoy outstanding water acrobatics locking their binoculars lenses on a world class, wind, kite, and foil surfers. Anchored in safe waters for the summer, Hanalei Bay also attracts some of the most spectacular sail boats in the world. The Hanalei & Namolokama Canoe Clubs also claim its residency at the Bay, making sure the competitive culture of the ancient sport of Hawaiian canoe paddling is not forgotten. Make a splash from the Hanalei Pier, stroll around town, shop at the little boutiques and Farmers market, cool down with shave ice, make new friends and catch the moments with your camera.




The culinary scene is a pure reflection of the relaxed ambiance and warm energy of Hanalei. Spearheaded by Bar Acuda and Ama, you can easily go wild and become a ‘victim’ of the deliciously crafted menu by chef Jimmy Moffat. Hanalei Bread Company is the local hotspot for your morning coffee and pastry. The Dolphin’s sushi lounge and fresh seafood variety, makes you feel home and often provides an opportunity to spot a movie star casually dining beside you. Falling in love again is easy in the intimate setting of Postcards Café, where time will pause for a while.

Yet, if you wish to turn up the volume, Kalypso Island Bar & Grill will get you excited and laud while enjoying cocktails and casual food at its sport bar. At last, the iconic Tahiti Nui, ran by Christian Marston Sr., and featured in the movie The Descendants is a legendary local place that opened doors in 1963. It continues to entice its crowd with local music and delicious Tahitian Cocktails to this day. Sharing the same food menu, the Wine Bar part of Thaiti Nui is one step away from finding privacy on a quiet glass of wine. 

Casual dining extends with the delicious food truck park anchored next to the Hanalei Liquor Store. Fresh Bite Kauai is famous with its tasty wraps and bowls. Find flavorful Indian flare next door at Café Turmeric. The mini food plaza offers variety of international cuisine from Hawaiian-style poke, to Brazilian, Mexican and Asian dishes. Placed at the Thahiti Nui building,  Akamai Juice is the local diamond of health, and will keep you hydrated with fresh, daily-made variety of juices, straight from the mineral-rich gardens of the Island. Hanalei has its own Farmer’s market happening every Saturday and it is stocked with fresh produce, rare fruits, and local crafts.



Hanalei hosts many small, charming shops around town where elegant meets eccentric in a conglomerate of unique style. Hanalei Surf Company has all beach essentials you can imagine. Pualani Hanalei offers variety of swimwear, yoga outfits and tropical-weather fashion items, while The Bikini Room’s hand selected Brazilian swimwear speaks for itself. The Barn 808 is special, as all its products are carefully curated from the owner’s travels around the world. Shopping at Haiviki feels more like a museum than a shop, as its remarkable art shown on display goes deeper into the Hawaiian heritage. The art pieces are real manifestation of spirituality and beauty and can be used in ritual ceremonies.




The pinnacle of Hanalei is undoubtedly the spectacular Hanalei Beach, beloved by everyone. In the winter, rolling swells make Hanalei one of the most sought surfing spots on the planet. Locally known as Pine Trees, Waioli Beach Park is placed toward the middle of the Bay and it is a favorite spot for proficient surfers. Legendary surfers Bruce and Andy Irons, tirelessly practiced on this beach. Today, you can spot Liard Hamilton making spectacular sight from the beach. Traditions are continued with the annual contest for beginner surfers with Pine Tree Classic contest. The Na Pali Challenge is an annual event where paddlers from all Islands and abroad gather on Kauai for canoe race down the out-of-this-world Na Pali Coast. May Day by the Bay’s celebrates the Hawaiian heritage with cultural demonstrations of local practitioners, unique product and food.



Nearby scenic hikes:

·      Powerline Trail

·      Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge

·      Wai Koa Loop Trail


Black Coral Hanalei offers variety of yoga classes from beginners to advance levels of participation. The mini-shop inside offers yoga mats and all you may need for your class.