Secluded Community with a Fairy-Forest Vibe

There is a feeling of entering a fairytale land when you drive the coiling road with omnidirectional bridges to Haena. The closer you get the more beauty fills your eyes and life becomes exciting again. Rolling down the road you can see residential and vacation homes dotted all over the area. Makai (ocean) side properties make you think of relocating immediately, as gentle wind whisper to you: Is this real? Does it get any better than that? Yet equally appealing are the Mauka (mountain) side homes, offering serene-jungle feeling to its residents. House yards with lush trees, filled with exotic birds serenating sunsets and sunrises will leave you enchanted. Houses are laying in the skirts of the magnificent Mount Makana, calling for admiration and respect. Its dramatic backdrop seen from the delicate shoreline, opens your imagination to other worlds.

Tunnels Beach merge its waters with Haena Beach Park and offer the most imaginative lagoon composed of shimmering-gold sands and powerful tunnel-like crashing waves in the winter. Serene ocean surface in the summer and sky with wild cloud compositions will ease in meditation even the most unsettled mind.

The entrance to a deeper wilderness is found at the end of the road.  Ke’e beach opens the gate to a real enchanting forest and guides you on its Hanakape’ai trail. Two miles hike from this point to a river, reveals a spectacular beach. Swing left at the river and two miles later, you’ll reach silky, cascading falls. Turn right at the river and you’ll hike nine more miles into Kalalau trail -one of the most beautiful and dangerous trails in the world.


Haena is a sacred area on Kauai and the Kama’ainas feel very protective of it. Ancient ruins are still visible in some areas and you’ll see stone stacked tower in the front meaning “Kapu”or stay away. Stories about the mythological dwarf people of Hawaii called Menehune are subject to many fire pit conversations at night. The remote North Shore community of Haena, clearly has its distinct character, and reflects the heritage of this fascinating area. Haena homes present the ultimate island living. Captivating mountain views followed by breathtaking ocean vistas, waterfalls and white -Rumpet Shama birds showcasing the properties. Tropical design is a preferred choice of most beachfront homes. Groovy vacation rentals, country cottages and fabulous beachfront estates, makes Haena’s real estate an extraordinary piece of heaven.


Situated in a cozy oceanfront, the only restaurant in beloved Haena is Opakapaka Grill and Bar bur it will surely leave you with a memorable dining experience. Traditional Mai Tai, scrumptious fish tacos and fresh seafood compliment the lovely scenery around you. Wainiha General Store opened doors in 1975 and has been fulfilling community’s increasing needs of basic supplies. It offers beach goods, snacks, refreshments and alcoholic beverages, among variety of items we tend to forget.


Haena’s outstanding beaches and sweeping views are the gold medalists among the winners on the planet. Cross the single lane bridge at Colony Resort and you can take a long, unabstracted walk on the beach, all the way to  Ke'e State Beach Park where the road ends. The stroll will take you by YMCA camp and offer closer view to a chain of gorgeous oceanfront houses. The golden sand promenade continue through Tunnels Makua Beach , followed by Haena Beach Park. Tunnels and the water body in front of the Beach park are best known for swimming and snorkeling in calm seas. Forward few months to the winter, and some of Hawaii’s most accomplished surfers take over to ride its tunnel-like waves. On your left, before you cross the cutest little bridge over a nature-made cold plunge is the National Tropical Botanical Garden- Lumahai.

Formed on the imprint of our Hawaiian descendants, Limahuli Garden is located on one of the most biodiverse valleys in the Hawaiian Islands. It provides a sanctuary to dozens of endangered plants and birds found nowhere else on earth. Visited by array of VIP’s including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Limahuli Garden harbors an eco-system that honors the connection between nature and humanity.

Recently upgraded with a brand-new parking and wood walkways to the beach,  

Ke'e State Beach Park is truly the crown jewel of the North shore. The reef-protected water at Ke’e beach is a magnet for snorkeling. Gazing up from your floating position in the water you can’t help but smile and admire the magnificence of the jungle-mountain in front of you, sharply erected like a natural skyscraper. This astonishing beauty truly opens your mind to new dimensions. Ke’e is the entry point to Kauai’s panoramic Kalalau Trail. It is eleven miles long and crosses five valleys along the oceanfront, ending in a grand finale at the mysterious Kalalau Beach.

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