Serene North Shore Beachfront Community

Situated between Princeville and Kilauea, Anini is known with its perfectly calm waters and elegant beachfront community. Kalihiwai Rd.’s left fork shoulder, curves to a spectacular ocean site and tranquil beaches with hip-high waters. Anini Beach forms Kauai’s largest coral reef protected from waves and draws swimmers and snorkelers from all over the island. Flat, shallow waters make Anini beach the safest place for small children to play freely, with relaxed parental supervision.

Anini’s charming community is filled with serene energy, complimented by an open beachfront home. Situated on the bluff top, Anini Vista is often preferred by celebrities for its extravagant estates and hypnotic views to the ocean horizon. These comprise the list of North shore’s most desired properties with manicured landscapes and panoramic views. Yet, groovy vintage cottages are not absent from the scene. The inviting beachfronts often gather friends and families around the fire pit for an outdoor BBQ party. Health conscious aficionados enjoy beach yoga at Anini Beach Park or quiet meditation time on the golden sands. Homes are typically designed with lot of outdoor time in mind, enriched with front yard space, pool area and sweeping lanais, making them the irresistible kind.


Anini’s tranquil energy is hard to describe in words, yet meditative and divine state of mind feels spot on. Residents are mesmerized by the ever-changing living stage and blissful vista. Nature’s Broadway opens curtains to a glorious ocean surface of sun-reflections, never lasting image-shaped clouds and dynamic marine life. Humpback whales calling their mates, high-altitude tropical birds diving for fish on the back drop of a distant passing ships and ocean rainbows, makes for a jaw dropping moments. Anini beach is dotted by opulent homes, one of which made its way into the scenes of Honeymoon in Vegas (1992).

Evenings gather friends and family around the grill, and often inspire local performers to play guitars, drums, flutes and sing original tunes. Clear night sky opens a different view to the heavens. Shimmering bright stars and auspicious full moon, reminds its residents how privileged they are to live in such an enchanted place.  The nearest shops and restaurants are just ten minutes away located in neighboring Princeville and Kilauea communities, leaving Anini’s privacy undisturbed.


Anini’s two-mile reef protected beach is serene, friendly and inviting. It is one of the largest in Hawaii, making it a preferred choice by swimmers for its calm, warm waters during the rough seas in the winter months. It is well-known for its outstanding windsurf and it’s favored by kayak trainees. Perfect breeze wind makes kiting a spectacle. The shallow waters allow for amazing interactions with curious turtles and fish, yet the edge of the reef drops down 150 feet providing a feeling of flying in waters. Although it is safe inside the reef, there are number of current channels around and the tranquility can be misleading. Daily inflow and outflow of water created by the tides, drains back out through these channels. Don’t get seduced by the tantalizing underwater ocean forest and deep channels at the edge of the reef. It is best to swim and snorkel close to the shore and avoid accidents.

Anini Beach campground offer fun family time for grilling, parting and outdoor events. Children will dive in an abundance of entertaining options on the beach- shell collecting, sand castle building boogie boarding, kiting and beach games. Simply enjoy your time in Paradise.

Nearby Scenic hikes:

  • Anini Beach Trail
  • Kalihikai Park
  • Trail head to Wyllie's Beach